Networking Assessment

Many factors can contribute to poor network infrastructure performance. A “Network Review” is often required to get to the bottom of these issues. Through our subsidiary company SwifTechs we combine our extensive experience in network management with industry tools to investigate and resolve systems that are under performing. We can evaluate and provide detailed analysis in the following critical areas:

  • Systems inventory
  • Server performance and analysis
  • DHCP, DNS, WINS review
  • Visio network diagram
  • LAN / WAN Bandwidth bottlenecks / Monitoring tools
  • Cable compliance
  • Protocol analysis – packet capture & analysis
  • QoS and VLAN optimization
  • VPN connection quality / latency assessment
  • Wireless coverage / interference assessment
  • Workstation review

If you would like to find out more about how well your network is performing then simply contact us today and a qualified SwifTechs representative will be more than happy to help.